As a clergyperson, you have a unique purview role in stewarding these conversations and this work in your faith community. Use this page to guide you in learning, reflecting and deepening your own understanding of Beloved Community

What is Beloved Community?

This year the Episcopal Church in Minnesota will continue with the mission opportunity of  Engaging God’s Mission of the Beloved Community, looking at it through a new lens: responding to the spirit’s invitation.

Beloved Community has been talked about in many ways by many people.  Sometimes we’re tempted to think of the Beloved Community as Utopia – beautiful to imagine, impossible to create.  But God calls us to Beloved Community when God calls us to bring the Kingdom of God here on earth.  To bring justice, to reconcile relationship, to speak truth, to walk humbly, to care for creation. God calls us to this work – to discern the gifts that we have been given, and put those gifts to work in building the Beloved Community, the Kingdom of God on earth.

Self Reflection

Self-reflection offers space for you to listen to your own story and your own context and how it fits into being a part of creating the Beloved Community. Take time to prayjournal, and learn for your spiritual and emotional growth. Look at your daily life through the lens of Beloved Community.

School for Formation

The School for Formation is a great way to experience Beloved Community, as well as engage in learning. Click here to see courses workshops that can help you deepen your learning.

You can also access some pretty incredible short courses offered in partnership with ChurchNext You can use these courses for personal development, but they’re also great for group learning like during Adult Formation!

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