The Way of Love resources

The Way of Love: Practices for a Jesus Centered Life

These resources and materials are from The Episcopal Church and provide covenants, liturgical season materials, prayers of the people, podcasts, sermon ideas, small group resources, and videos.

The Presiding Bishop’s invitation is to “return to the ancient pathways and Rules of Life that followers of Jesus have observed for centuries.” Creating beloved community includes a re-centering of ourselves to be open to where God is calling us.  These practices help center and ground us and live into beloved community.

Presiding Bishop’s video of invitation for The Way Love.

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Turn: Pause, listen, and choose to follow Jesus

Learn: Reflect on Scripture each day, especially on Jesus’ life and teachings

Pray: Dwell intentionally with God daily

Worship: Gather in community weekly to thank, praise, and dwell with God

Bless: Share faith and unselfishly give and serve

Go: Cross boundaries, listen deeply and live like Jesus

Rest: Receive the gift of God’s grace, peace, and restoration

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This information is from The Episcopal Church materials on The Way of Love and can be found at

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