Upcoming Events


Do you want to learn more about racial issues and reconciliation?  Well the following events delve into an array of topics on race and beloved community.  If you have events that we should highlight, please send them to rachel.b@episcopalmn.org.

Taking Heart Open Houses

  • Meals during Ramadan to bring Muslims and community members together
  • Iftar is the breaking-fast meal during Ramadan, the holy month of fasting for Muslims from sunrise to sunset
  • Ramadan in 2019 is May 5 – June 4
  • Open house meal dates to come
  • Link

Who will be in the pews in 2040?

  • Annual Assembly for Interfaith Action of Greater St. Paul
  • Tuesday, May 30 at St. Paul College
  • Key note speaker is journalist Ray Suarez
  • Event tickets range from $10-$175
  • Link

Bridge of Reconciliation – ongoing monthly

  • Monthly lunch and discussion
  • Second Thursday of the month
  • Hope United CDC, 3333 North 4th Street, Minneapolis, 55412
  • Link

Building Bridges Course – ECMN School for Formation

  • 7-week on-line and in-person course
  • Link

Healing Minnesota Stories

  • Sacred sites tour of indigenous communities and discussion
  • Can attend a tour offering or can set-up a tour for your own group
  • Link

Episcopal Exchange event list

  • Check-out the list of events from community members
  • Link

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