Creating Beloved Community by Practicing the Way of Love

ECMN’s Journey – Beloved Community

The Episcopal Church in Minnesota is seeking to Engage God’s Mission, creating Beloved Community by practicing the way of love.

God’s mission in the world is to reconcile all things to God’s self. It is to return us to one-ness with God and with one another. To engage God’s mission is to live into the invitation of baptism by joining God in that reconciling work, whether that be in our faith communities, in relationship with others, or in our neighborhoods.

In our time, prophetic voices such as the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and others used the language of Beloved Community to describe the experience of God’s kingdom in our lives today: moments of reconciliation and joy that break in and rebuke our racial and social divisions.

We practice the Way of Love. Through these daily practices, we are continually reminded to turn towards God, dwell in scripture and live a life of service, we are set along the track that leads us towards engaging God’s mission by opening our eyes to God in us, in others, and in the world, and that leads us towards creating beloved community by acting on the movements, call, and promptings of the Holy Spirit.