Way of Love: Formation

Use the resources below, curated from the Episcopal Church website and beyond, to explore the concept and practices of the Way of Love more deeply. Many of these resources are created to be used in the facilitation of small groups at faith communities.

Way of Love Prayer Stations (From ECMN Convention)

Find the instructions for the 7 Way of Love Prayer stations from Eucharist at ECMN Convention. These stations could be replicated during a service at your faith community. During the ECMN Eucharist, they took place during the Prayers of the People.

Way of Love Liturgy (From ECMN Convention)

Find below the Eucharist from ECMN Convention, which focused on exploring the Way of Love practices. Above, you can find information about the prayer stations that are referenced in the liturgy, and that took place during the Prayers of the People.

Living the Way of Love in Community

This nine-session program is for small group settings to explore The Way of Love and experience each of the seven practices: Turn, Learn, Pray, Worship, Bless, Go, and Rest. Sessions may occur once a week, every other week or once a month. This Facilitation Guide offers leaders a process for guiding 8-14 people for nine 90-minute sessions, with an option for an additional 30-minutes to gather over a meal. Each session is comprised of prayer, check-in, discussion, practicing the Way of Love, check-out, and worship and includes suggested scripture readings and hymns.

Walking the Way of Love: A Journey Through the Baptismal Covenant

Developed by Cristolas, this 5-sesion facilitation guide brings together the Baptismal Covenant, the 7 practices of the Way of Love, and Human Rights.

One day retreat guide

Set up for a 6-hour small group retreat that introduces the 7 practices with lots of time and space for reflection.

Journeying the Way of Love: Advent Curriculum

A 4-session curriculum for groups of any size that centers on an exploration of the gospel of Luke during the season of Advent.

The Way of Love: An Intergenerational Gathering

Meant for children and adults of varying generations. For one 90-minute session.

Individual reflection and discernment guide

For personal reflection on each of the 7 way of love practices.

Covenant and Commitment ritual

To be used with any group.